Source code for muspy.datasets.wrapper

"""Wrapper function."""
from typing import Type

from .base import Dataset
from .emopia import EMOPIADataset
from .essen import EssenFolkSongDatabase
from .haydn import HaydnOp20Dataset
from .hymnal import HymnalDataset, HymnalTuneDataset
from .jsb import JSBChoralesDataset
from .lmd import (
from .maestro import MAESTRODatasetV1, MAESTRODatasetV2, MAESTRODatasetV3
from .music21 import Music21Dataset
from .musicnet import MusicNetDataset
from .nes import NESMusicDatabase
from .nmd import NottinghamDatabase
from .wikifonia import WikifoniaDataset

[docs]def list_datasets(): """Return all supported dataset classes as a list. Returns ------- A list of all supported dataset classes. """ return [ EMOPIADataset, EssenFolkSongDatabase, HaydnOp20Dataset, HymnalDataset, HymnalTuneDataset, JSBChoralesDataset, LakhMIDIAlignedDataset, LakhMIDIDataset, LakhMIDIMatchedDataset, MAESTRODatasetV1, MAESTRODatasetV2, MAESTRODatasetV3, Music21Dataset, MusicNetDataset, NESMusicDatabase, NottinghamDatabase, WikifoniaDataset, ]
[docs]def get_dataset(key: str) -> Type[Dataset]: """Return a certain dataset class by key. Parameters ---------- key : str Dataset key (case-insensitive). Returns ------- The corresponding dataset class. """ key = key.lower() if key == "emopia": return EMOPIADataset if key == "essen": return EssenFolkSongDatabase if key == "haydn": return HaydnOp20Dataset if key.startswith("hymnal"): if key == "hymnal": return HymnalDataset if key == "hymnal-tune": return HymnalTuneDataset if key == "jsb": return JSBChoralesDataset if key.startswith("lmd"): if key in ("lmd", "lmd-full"): return LakhMIDIDataset if key == "lmd-matched": return LakhMIDIMatchedDataset if key == "lmd-aligned": return LakhMIDIAlignedDataset if key.startswith("maestro"): if key in ("maestro", "maestro-v3"): return MAESTRODatasetV3 if key == "maestro-v2": return MAESTRODatasetV2 if key == "maestro-v1": return MAESTRODatasetV1 if key == "music21": return Music21Dataset if key == "musicnet": return MusicNetDataset if key == "nes": return NESMusicDatabase if key == "nmd": return NottinghamDatabase if key == "wikifonia": return WikifoniaDataset raise ValueError(f"Unrecognized dataset key : {key}.")