Source code for muspy.datasets.nes

"""NES Music Database."""
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Union

from ..inputs import read_midi
from import Music
from .base import DatasetInfo, RemoteFolderDataset

# pylint: disable=line-too-long

_NAME = "NES Music Database"
The Nintendo Entertainment System Music Database (NES-MDB) is a dataset \
intended for building automatic music composition systems for the NES audio \
synthesizer. The NES synthesizer has highly constrained compositional \
parameters which are well-suited to a wide variety of current machine \
learning techniques. The synthesizer is typically programmed in assembly, but \
we parse the assembly into straightforward formats that are more suitable for \
machine learning."""
_CITATION = """\
  author={Chris Donahue and Huanru Henry Mao and Julian McAuley},
  title={The {NES} Music Database: A multi-instrumental dataset with expressive performance attributes},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 19th International Society for Music Retrieval Conference (ISMIR)},

[docs]class NESMusicDatabase(RemoteFolderDataset): """NES Music Database.""" _info = DatasetInfo(_NAME, _DESCRIPTION, _HOMEPAGE) _citation = _CITATION _sources = { "nes": { "filename": "nesmdb_midi.tar.gz", "url": "", "archive": True, "size": 12922275, "md5": "3f3e8ab4f660dd1b19350e5a8a91f3e6", "sha256": "37610e2ca5fe70359c85170cf1f4982596783bb304c59d9c439f68c24ff4ee93", } } _extension = "mid"
[docs] def read(self, filename: Union[str, Path]) -> Music: """Read a file into a Music object.""" return read_midi(self.root / filename)