Source code for muspy.datasets.music21

"""Datasets built from music21 corpus."""
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Union

from music21 import corpus

from ..inputs import read
from import Music
from .base import Dataset, DatasetInfo, MusicDataset

_NAME = "Music21 Corpus Dataset"
_DESCRIPTION = """Dataset automatically created from a music21 corpus."""
_CITATION = """\
  author={Michael Scott Cuthbert and Christopher Ariza},
  title={Music21: A Toolkit for Computer-Aided Musicology and Symbolic Music Data},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 11th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR)},

[docs]class Music21Dataset(Dataset): """A class of datasets containing files in music21 corpus. Parameters ---------- composer : str Name of a composer or a collection. Please refer to the music21 corpus reference page for a full list [1]. extensions : list of str File extensions of desired files. References ---------- [1] """ _info = DatasetInfo(_NAME, _DESCRIPTION, _HOMEPAGE) _citation = _CITATION _extensions = ( ".mid", ".midi", ".mxl", ".xml", ".mxml", ".musicxml", # ".abc", ) def __init__(self, composer: str = None): if composer is None: self.composer = "ALL" self.filenames = [ path for path in corpus.corpora.CoreCorpus().getPaths() if str(path).endswith(self._extensions) ] else: self.composer = composer self.filenames = corpus.getComposer(composer, self._extensions) def __repr__(self) -> str: return f"{type(self).__name__}(composer={self.composer})" def __getitem__(self, index) -> Music: if str(self.filenames[index]).lower().endswith(".abc"): return read(self.filenames[index], number=0) # type: ignore return read(self.filenames[index]) # type: ignore def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self.filenames)
[docs] def convert( self, root: Union[str, Path], kind: str = "json", n_jobs: int = 1, ignore_exceptions: bool = True, ) -> "MusicDataset": """Convert and save the Music objects. Parameters ---------- root : str or Path Root directory to save the data. kind : {'json', 'yaml'}, default: 'json' File format to save the data. n_jobs : int, default: 1 Maximum number of concurrently running jobs. If equal to 1, disable multiprocessing. ignore_exceptions : bool, default: True Whether to ignore errors and skip failed conversions. This can be helpful if some source files are known to be corrupted. """, kind, n_jobs, ignore_exceptions) return MusicDataset(root, kind)